December 11th, 2018
become a personal trainer

3 Steps To Become a Personal Trainer

With the range of boutique gyms and online personal trainers that are out there today, finding your niche in the fitness industry can seem overwhelming.

So, here’s a little known fact- we all pretty much start at the same place.

Whether you’re looking to train online or open up your own gym one day, here’s what you need to know about getting started.

How to Become A Personal Trainer

Step One: Get Certified

Unsure of what PT certification to get? Still deciding what career direction you want to take?

Choose a widely recognized company such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) so that you will not be limited when you start the job hunt.

Both programs offer online schooling that will allow you to study anywhere and both are acceptable certifications for nearly every major gym.

Step Two: Where to work?

While your schedule, location and financial needs are important factors in determining where to work after getting certified, your level of experience will probably be the biggest thing to take into consideration when first launching your personal training business.

New to the fitness industry?

Getting hands-on experience is essential for those who are new to training. The easiest way to safely gain experience is by working at a corporate gym.

Although the pay at a bigger gym is not ideal, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and work alongside experienced trainers.

Not only will this allow you to see how other professionals train, but you’ll be able to build your business within the gym using its existing clientele as well.

Looking to train independently?

If you already have some in-person training experience under your belt, venturing out on your own might be your next step.

Whether this means building an online business via social media or building your brand locally at a private training studio- training for YOU allows you to make more money per session and build your brand according to your own terms.

Step 3: Surround Yourself With Other Trainers

Regardless of your career path, the best thing you can do for both your business and the wellbeing of your clients is surround yourself with those who know more than you do.

Workout with other trainers.

Shadow industry veterans.

Network with people who train differently from you.

Everyone has their own take on training. Experiencing a variety of styles and approaches will help you mold you own!

Anne Evans Cody

Anne Evans Cody is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach. After working in the fashion industry as a social media strategist and blogger, Anne decided to combine her online marketing skills and passion for fitness to network with health enthusiasts around the globe. Today Anne is a full time trainer both privately in NYC and online. In addition to building her personal brand, Anne has expanded her online presence via Instagram and YouTube to connect with and educate like minded individuals in a motivating and uplifting environment. Follow her on Instagram (@anneevanscody)

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