October 17th, 2018
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7 Daily Healthy Habits For A Better, Happier You

Have you ever hard the phrase, “humans are creatures of habit?” Well, it’s very accurate! As much as we complain about our daily work schedules, we actually enjoy (and need) the routine and structure that it gives us. I don’t know about you, but I can only handle a week or two break before I feel out-of-my element and unproductive. Not to mention that inactivity and boredom leads us feeling lethargic and unmotivated.

When we get back to our daily routine it gives us purpose and ambition. The busier we are, the more efficient we must be in order to accomplish tasks. Not to mention the more running around we do the most calories we burn! The purpose of this article is to name several healthy habits and tips that if incorporated to your daily routine, will help you become a healthier, more energized version of yourself.

1. Stay hydrated!

Our bodies are composed of nearly 80% water, and we sometimes forget how important it is to drink up! At a minimum, you should aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. For even more benefits, you can drink up to 1- 1.5 gallons daily. Drinking water flushes toxins from our bodies and prevents fatigue.

2. Take multivitamins and supplements daily

In today’s world with our busy lifestyles and exposure to various environmental toxins, it is crucial to provide our bodies with the vitamins and minerals that we don’t obtain through diet. Many of the components available in a multivitamin are essential which means our bodies cannot make them on their own.

It is important, however, to check the label on your multivitamin because some ingredients may not be up to par with the recommended dose. Calcium and magnesium supplementation, for example, is typically needed in addition to a multivitamin as women generally need more than men. The supplementation needs will vary dependent upon your health and fitness goals, current diet, age, weight, etc.

3. Get enough sleep!

I have recently come across a few articles that mention women who receive less than 7 hours of sleep a night tend to be more overweight than women who get at least 7 or more. No one wants to gain extra weight just because they don’t sleep enough each night, especially when most of us probably love sleeping!

Putting this into perspective, we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping. There must be a reason it is that important and maybe we should consider investing in a nice mattress as well. Not only does sufficient sleep give us energy, but it regulates our hormone production, repairs tissue damage, and essentially resets the body for a fresh new day.

4. Exercise daily

This one should be a no brainer! Exercise comes in many forms, whether it be going to the gym or simply walking your dog outside. Staying active releases endorphins, elevates mood, and keeps our mind and body healthy.

Trying to change your body composition? Read why weightlifting is more important for fat loss than cardio.

5. Don’t be so hard on yourself

We must keep everything into perspective and realize we only have one life to live. If we are constantly hard on ourselves, we tend to not recognize our accomplishments no matter how small they may be. Once we accept ourselves we can truly start living.

6. Think positive

Ever hear the phrase, “you are what you eat?” Well, I believe you are what you think! Our minds are powerful tools that work in ways we can’t even understand. Studies have shown that people who smile more tend to lead happier lives. Even “fake” smiling has a way to enhance our mood. Negativity can be very detrimental and we must control our minds before we control our bodies. Positive self-image and self-thought are crucial components of success. If you believe you can achieve.

7. Be consistent

Although daily habits are important, weekly habits are what will truly measure progress. So if you have a bad day, shake it off and start fresh tomorrow! The same goes if you are trying to incorporate a new habit into your routine; you will not notice a change if you are not consistent at least 75% of the time.

Tanya Rachan

Tanya Rachan is a IFBB Bikini Pro and is currently studying to become a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry. A former NCAA athlete, Tanya has a strong background in health and fitness and hopes to share the beauties of a balanced and healthy lifestyle with others!

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