December 11th, 2018
tanya rachan

Athlete Interview: IFBB Pro Tanya Rachan

We are super excited to welcome Tanya Rachan, IFBB Bikini Pro, to the PrettyFit team! Tanya recently earned her IFBB Pro Card and is looking to do even bigger and better things in coming years. Her work ethic shows outside of the gym and stage. This renaissance woman is currently studying to become a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible woman!

What’s your fitness background?

My fitness background began when I started gymnastics at 5 years old. I competed in club gymnastics up until high school when I received a full ride scholarship to Northern Illinois University. Last August I decided to take my weight training to the next level, and began structured workouts with my boyfriend. In January I began to prep for my first NPC bikini competition and I am now training for my Pro Debut!

What sparked your interest in training and competing?

I’ve always had people tell me I should compete. But I never took interest in competing until my gymnastics career came to an end. Once I graduated college and ended that chapter of my life, I started looking into bodybuilding. I started following fitness models and competitors on social media and started incorporating my own workout and diet regimen. I quickly became hooked, and decided to take my training to the next level by getting a prep coach.

How long have you been weight training and competing?

I competed in gymnastics for 16 years and this is my first year completing in bodybuilding! My focused weight training began last year, although I have a background in body weight training and some weight lifting from college gymnastics.

What are your future goals?

I have many future goals. As far as competing goes, I see myself competing for years to come! Training and maintaining a healthy diet are passions of mine, so that will always be a goal of mine whether I am competing or not. In the next two years I also plan on graduating from dental school with my Doctorate degree! Somewhere in the mix I hope to get engaged, married, and eventually start a family.

Training and prep for a show is taxing both mentally and physically, what keeps you motivated?

My motivation comes from people I look up to, and a burning desire to do my best! Being a gymnast for so many years has taught me discipline and hard work ethic. I know with sacrifice comes reward, and I am strong! I will be happy with my my performance at any show as long as I know I gave it my all. The worst feeling is regret and I won’t subject myself to that.

Tell us about your work/studies outside of the fitness world?

Outside of the fitness world, I am a full time dental student. I am in my third year out of four and most of my days involve clinical work with some classes as well. I wake up around 6:15, get my half hour of cardio in, and get ready for my 8-5 day! At night I am either reviewing notes for class, or reading up on clinical procedures!

How do you balance your training, work and life? What do you do for fun outside of the gym?

Well that’s easy, training and work are my life! Just kidding :). Being a full time Division 1 athlete in undergrad really helped prepare me for my current lifestyle. I’m used to having a busy schedule, and it keeps me very organized. I am much more productive because I have such structure to my daily routine. My priorities have also changed as I entered the fitness world. Instead of going out partying every weekend, I relax my body and mind by resting and doing other things I enjoy such as having a nice dinner and movie date with my boyfriend.

What is your current workout split? Which is your favorite day/workout?

My current workout split involves fasted morning cardio five times a week with five days of lifting. My lifting days focus very heavily around glutes, shoulders, and abs. I have developed much arm strength from being a gymnast, so I am not isolating back, biceps, or triceps currently.

Any nutrition tips for leaning down/dropping body fat?

For dropping body fat, I recommend increasing daily protein intake and incorporating some cardio to your workout routine. Try to drink as much water as possible and avoid sweets!

What are some of your favorite workout tunes right now?

My favorite workout tunes are played from Pandora. Right now my favorite station is called “Booty Wurk” and gets me in the zone! I get bored easily so Pandora does a great job of keeping me guessing and switching it up :)

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