December 10th, 2018
Amy Mandelbaum

How I Raise Kids, Train Full Time, and Still Keeping My Sanity

A lot goes into being a mom, whether you work full time or not. From the time those sweet little tushies enter the world YOUR life as a woman is forever changed. Add to that a career and a passion, such as being a competitive athlete, and you have a tricky number of hoops to jump through.

I have a unique situation in that I make my own work hours and have use of my training facility 24/7. This allows me to focus on my family first and then fit my training and work into the rest of my day. It’s the structure that works for me as well as for my family. Generally, I train in the mornings after my kids go to school, then coach an am class, run errands, work and then drive my kids to their activities in the afternoon. My pm sessions are fit in before their activities end and then I can make dinner, blog, prepare meals for the next day, check homework, do laundry, you name it.

Of course, there also has to be room for “audibles”. The random call from the school nurse in the middle of my training, the emergency plumbing appointment that I need to be home for, the forgotten evening choir concert, all issues that throw the days schedule into complete chaos. The most important thing I have learned in these moments, is that as long as my family is safe, happy and fed, the rest will happen. I’ll figure out how to get that training session in and if I can’t, then I have to be ok with it. Oh what the hell, it’s nothing a piece of chocolate can’t fix.

Amy Mandelbaum

Amy Mandelbaum grew up in Columbia, Maryland, and currently lives in Westport, Connecticut with her husband and two children. Her background is in theater, voice and dance, and she held a long-term career in broadcast production after graduating from Towson University in Maryland. Amy is a tried and true multitasker who, on top of being a wife and mother, is also a business owner, coach, and competitive athlete. While she does not have an official athletic background, a friend introduced her to the sport of competitive fitness a few years ago and she has been devoted ever since. Nicknamed “Pistol,” Amy trains 5-6 days a week and sticks to a modified paleo diet. For the past two years, Amy has finished fourth in the masters division of the CrossFit Games, and actively participates in other competitions throughout the year. She also coaches four times weekly at her local Westport gym and owns a baking company that specializes in paleo treats. Her lifelong goal is to inspire her children and people around her to always aim high, never settle and work the things you don't like.

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