November 17th, 2018
anne evans cody

Your Body Is Not Wrong, Society Is

Do Not Shrink Yourself

You’ve probably heard it before, but you should never shrink yourself for the comfort of someone else.

However, as women become more confident in their own skin, the topic of what is considered to be “too much” is prevalent now more than ever.

Being “Too Much” For Society

As a personal trainer and wellness coach, I preach self-love daily. I preach self-empowerment. I have learned to accept my body at ALL stages, regardless of what those stages look like.

I realize that a lot of people post bathing suit pictures on here. I never do because 1) I'm never in them and 2) I'm pretty conservative with what I wear/share on here. With that said, I was comparing progress pics for myself and wanted to share something. While the picture on the left is revealing more skin than the one on the right, I kind of felt like the right one was "too much" to post. Why? I guess because I have more shape now than I used to and my body draws more attention than it used to. Then I thought about how ridiculous that was and the quote "we beg women to love themselves but tell confident women to calm down" came to mind. I don't dislike either picture, however I'm really fucking proud of the mental/physical growth that has occurred between these two pictures and I'm not afraid to show that. What started as me trying to get healthy/put on some weight has turned into so much more. My goals aren't so much gym-focused as they are wellness-focused these days. I am talking REAL HEALTH. Happy with the direction my life is going type of health. Acknowledging how I FEEL before acknowledging how I LOOK type of health. Posting both of these pictures and being able to say I'm proud of the woman in both type of health. I can't stress enough how important and refreshing that is. Confident women, don't sit down. #SelfEmpowered #RealBodies #BabeSawItFirst #Dont@Me (July 2014-November 2016) ———————————————– Online Workouts & NYC Personal Training- email YOUTUBE: Anne Evans Cody ———————————————– #ladybeast #aecfit #womenempoweringwomen #embraceyou

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However, while comparing my own progress pictures recently, I was hesitant to share my current physique on social media because it was “too much.”

Compared to my “before” picture, my current physique is actually more covered. I’m confident. I’m proud of my hard work.

The problem is not so much HOW much skin is showing, rather it is how society views different body types today.

I’ve gone from a fairly lean figure to one with curves. My body draws more attention than it used.

Is one body better than the other? Absolutely not. Is one considered to be more attention grabbing than the other? Unfortunately, yes.

The “Ideal Woman”

Society’s view on the ‘ideal woman’ is forever changing and the craziest part is, it is often unachievable.

However, it is that “ideal image” that has the rest of us thinking we’re wrong, that we’re not enough or that we’re “too much”.

Women, I am here to tell you that what is deemed “too little” or “too much” by society has absolutely nothing to do with you.

And the easiest way to combat those societal opinions is to love the heck out of yourself.

Confident Women, Do Not Sit Down

Self-love is very much an internal process, however speaking to it is empowering and at this day in age, almost necessary. We SHOULD preach self-love. We SHOULD own it and share it.

We SHOULD be proud of ourselves at every stage because each of those stages serves a purpose.

Confident women, do not shrink yourselves. Do not sit down. Your body is not wrong, society is.

Anne Evans Cody

Anne Evans Cody is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach. After working in the fashion industry as a social media strategist and blogger, Anne decided to combine her online marketing skills and passion for fitness to network with health enthusiasts around the globe. Today Anne is a full time trainer both privately in NYC and online. In addition to building her personal brand, Anne has expanded her online presence via Instagram and YouTube to connect with and educate like minded individuals in a motivating and uplifting environment. Follow her on Instagram (@anneevanscody)

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