December 11th, 2018
positive affirmations

Using Positive Affirmations for Fitness Success

What I have discovered in my years as a fitness coach is that helping a client cultivate a positive mindset and healthy relationship with fitness and food is the greatest gift I could ever share. A positive mindset is the foundation for a fit lifestyle.

Your relationship with exercise is truly a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Your subconscious mind is programmed according to your thoughts and beliefs. Basically, it is the law of attraction- like attracts like.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

If you think you are deserving of feeling great, being healthy, and radiant your actions will support those positive thoughts. If you think negatively about yourself, exercise, or any situation or person you will attract a negative outcome.

Using Positive Affirmations for Fitness Success

One of the best ways to train your mind for fitness success (or any desired outcome) is to use positive affirmations. Here are a few ways to make positive affirmations work for you:

  • Begin with I AM – I AM is an extremely powerful phrase. Contextually I AM is the name of God, the creator of all that is. It is the belief that we are made in the image and likeness of God, hence we are co-creators of our destiny. Beginning with I AM makes the statement personal. No one else can say, “I AM” for you. It’s your truth.
  • Stay in the present tense – Beginning with I AM makes the statement present tense. It’s as if it has already happened. It’s no longer what you’re lacking, but what you already are. You are not wishing for something, rather you’re affirmatively stating the truth. You cannot argue with truth. You deserve to live up to your true potential.
  • Keep it positive – Often times we are our own worst critics. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend. Be kind, loving, and nurturing. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is from spiritual teacher Wayne Dyer who says, “Only think about what you want.” It’s extremely important to stay in an “upward spiral” thinking thoughts that elicit high vibration emotions such as joy and love.
  • Be short and to the point – Positive affirmations should be repeated frequently in writing, silently, and aloud in order to shift your way of thinking, therefore short and straight-forward statements work well.

Try These Positive Affirmations

Here are a few of my favorite affirmations that I repeat on a daily basis to fuel a fit lifestyle.

I AM healthy, wealthy, and successful.
I AM pure energy, therefore I have always have energy for my workout.
I AM improving every day.
I AM on the right track towards my fitness goals.
I AM worthy. I deserve to feel my best.

Practice and Realization

Take a few minutes to close your eyes, quiet your mind, and come up with your own positive affirmations that relate to your fitness goals. Repeat the affirmation silently for a full minute. Tune into how it make you feel. Try to visualize what it would be like to do that, feel that way, BE that way now. Let that thought drive you as you cruise towards your goal!

Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly Gonzalez, M.S. CPT. RYT. is a fitness and nutrition expert, fit lifestyle coach, writer, and speaker. She helps others ignite their inner spark to live fit and feel more fulfilled in all areas of life through a combination of meditation, introspection, positive thinking, daily movement, and healthy eating. She’s a NASM certified personal trainer, lifestyle nutrition consultant, certified yoga teacher, IFBB pro athlete, and overall life enthusiast. She has worked with major fitness production companies as both talent and behind the scenes fitness expert, and has been a published in various health & fitness publications. Kelly enjoys outdoor activities, learning new ways to live fit, experiencing sparks of self-discovery, and sharing the light with others. Connect with Kelly via social media and through her

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