October 17th, 2018
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Quick and Proven Meditation Tips

We all want an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. And while we can dream all we want, Monday rears its ugly head every week whether we like it or not. But just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean we have to be stressed. A few minor adjustments to your daily routine can make life so much easier come Monday morning.

Meditation Tips to Get You Through the Toughest Monday

[Warning: you might experience a dramatic reduction of stress that lasts all week.]

1. Meditate on a specific feeling you want to cultivate

Need to get organized? Stay calm? Motivate yourself? Take 10 minutes before you start your work day to really hone in on what you feel like you’re lacking. Sit up nice and tall, breathe deeply, and try to embody that feeling just for 10 minutes. In a way, you’re faking it ‘til you make it, but what’s the harm in trying? See if that doesn’t help relax the tension you might have going into work. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking the right attitude without even trying.

2. Start on Sunday

Don’t let a case of the Mondays infiltrate your weekend. If you find yourself getting anxious about your inbox on Sunday, take a few minutes to clear your mind so you can actually rest and recuperate over the weekend.

But before getting sucked into the trap of emailing, stressing, and working over the weekend, instead bring your focus to preparing your mind for a week of work ahead. Instead of dreading what’s to come, meditate on what opportunities you are grateful for. Slowly retraining your brain to see the positive and fruitful aspects of hard work will help you willingly slip into the week without all of the stress and anxiety.

3. Wake up early

While it might be tempting to squeeze every last minute of sleep in before getting back to work, an early morning can give you the extra time and clarity you need to make sure you start the week on the right foot.

Find an activity that calms you, (anything from exercising, reading, or cooking a healthy breakfast), and give yourself the luxury of having that time to yourself

4. Schedule mindfulness breaks

When planning out your day, go out of your way to schedule reminders to be mindful and calm your mind. This is especailly useful for big projects that might take a long time to accomplish. Practice mindful procrastination by scheduling small amounts of time to reboot mentally before getting back to the grind.

5. Put it in perspective

If your to-do list is daunting, try this first: write down your top three priorities for the week. See how each item on your to-do list fits into these three categories. For the things you’d rather not do, take a moment to breathe deeply and meditate on the greater impact of the work you’re doing.

Giuliana Hazelwood

Giuliana Hazelwood is an artist, entrepreneur, and Beyoncé's number one fan. She also teaches yoga & meditation, enjoys a good dance class, and unabashedly eats a lot of bacon.

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