November 17th, 2018
Juice Cleanse Recipes

8 Healthy Hacks For Better Juice Cleanse Recipes

Cold pressed juices and juice cleanse programs are all the rage. It seems every healthy website and blog has their own list of juice cleanse recipes and ingredients. No matter what your key ingredients are, remember the following hacks to keep your juice as healthy and effective as possible.

1. Add Ginger

A little piece of this little root can help add some zing to your juice or smoothie while reducing the bitterness of certain vegetables. It can also help improve your digestion, immunities, circulation and has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
Ginger, fresh and powdered, isolated on white background

2. Save Money With a Greens Powder

Juicing is expensive! Whether you get your own ingredients and own your own juicer, or get yours made at a juice bar or expensive market, the costs of fresh pressed juices can be very high. Not to mention, you’ll only have room for a small amount of ingredients. Try a greens powder like our PrettyFit Greens, it is blended with organic superfoods and raw juice extracts as well as probiotics, pre-biotics and detoxifying herbs to give you a super-shot of wellness. We found the average juice to be $6-8 per serving, while PrettyFit Greens to be $1.99 per serving… not bad!
PrettyFit Greens doctor trusted juice cleanse recipes
PrettyFit Greens is now Doctor Trusted™

3. Add an Apple or Pear

Depending on how veggie-heavy your juice’s ingredients are, the taste can be quite bitter. Throwing in an apple or pear can alleviate the bitterness and help sweeten your smoothie in a healthy, natural way.

4. If Juicing, Don’t Combine Too Many Fruits With Your Vegetables

Mixing too many acidic fruits with naturally oily vegetables can give you an upset stomach. We find that apples are typically the best fruit to mix with vegetables. They’re not too acidic or pulpy and mix well with just about any combination of fruits and vegetables.

5. Make Your Juice Cleanse Recipes Organic

No need to bring nasty toxins into your “cleanse”. Keep your juices and smoothies fresh with organic vegetables and fruits. Make sure to wash them with water or a vegetable wash before using.

6. Enjoy it While It’s Fresh

Don’t store your juice, enjoy it while it’s fresh! Letting your juice sit can affect the nutrient content and the flavoring.

7. If You Store Your Juice, Do it Right

If your juice cleanse recipes produce more than you can handle in one serving, keep in an air tight container in the fridge for no more than 48 hours. Also, fill your container as much as possible, oxygen can negatively affect the nutrient content and flavoring.

8. Listen to Your Body

Freshly squeezed juices are extremely nutrient rich and if you’re just starting out, this can shock your system and give you a stomach ache. Start slowly with a small juice and work your way up to more.

Need a convenient and affordable juicing alternative? Try our greens powder: PrettyFit Greens.

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