November 20th, 2018
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4 Health Foods That Can Contribute To Belly Fat

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Written by our friend Mara Bustos, Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist

So you have decided that you are finally going to eat healthier this year and you are now shopping and prepping your meals every week and exercising regularly. You know it is important to get your nutrients from wholesome foods, limit processed foods, drink plenty of water and move your body; and you are correct.

However, many people think that they are consuming the right amounts of healthy foods but they are unable to lose those extra pounds or get the results they desire in the gym. This may be because even though they are consuming a clean diet, they are not paying particular attention to the calories they are consuming. Here are some foods that can prevent you from achieving your weight and fitness goals if you don’t monitor the quantity you consume.

4 Health Foods That can Contribute To Belly Fat


Granola can be a great addition to any diet. It is packed with fiber and good fats. It is important to read the product label and ingredient list and keep in mind that granola can be high in calories, so follow portion size recommendation to avoid consuming too many calories form it.

Nuts and seeds

These are super foods all right! They contain antioxidants, protein, fiber, and good fats. They are great add-ons in smoothies and salads, and they are an easy to-go snack. Like granola, a small portion of nuts/seed provide around 100 calories, so be conscious of portion size.

Protein bars

These can be great as a snack or meal replacement on a day in which we are too busy to stop for lunch. There a million different types of protein bars in the market today, so read the nutrition labels and compare which one fits your needs best. Some have more calories than you may think.


I love avocado! I eat them a lot. They are an amazing source of nutrition and can be used in salads, smoothies, and more. Just be aware that they have an average of 320 calories, when you calculate your daily calorie needs.

Don’t be afraid of these and other super foods because they are packed with calories. They are also packed with super nutrients that your body needs, especially if you are exercising.

When you know better you do better, right?

Continue to nourish yourself by consciously preparing and eating wholesome foods and exercising daily. Be persistent and you will get there. Be consistent and you will stay there.

Mara Bustos

Mara Bustos is a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialing agency of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Mara supports sustainable, plant based foods and bio-compounds that have been scientifically proven to enhance people's lives and believes that prevention is the key to living a fulfilled and healthy life. She provides online one-on-one and group nutrition counseling and personalized weight loss and wellness packages for women that the client can access from the comfort of their homes, while giving in-real-time support via phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, and more. Mara habla español y presta todos sus servicios en este idioma.

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