December 10th, 2018

3 Tips for Staying Healthy Through Winter and the Holidays

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Keeping fit when it’s freezing outside is hard enough. Of course, you also have the dessert-rich holidays to contend with as well. Winter fitness is not just about remembering to exercise; it’s also about making healthy food choices at holiday gatherings and family meals. Here are a few tips for surviving winter and the holidays without letting your health fall by the wayside.

Sugar-Free, Low-Fat, and Low-Calorie are Not Healthy

Items that boast their sugar-free, fat-free, or low-calorie status may seem like healthy options during the holiday season, but in reality, these products can be very detrimental to your health. The foods are heavily processed and may contain questionable ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, which some experts say can pose health risks. A growing number of studies reveal the potential negative effects of these items.

A better alternative to staying healthy while enjoying the holidays is portion control. Strong cravings tell you to eat a huge amount of whatever food you desire but in reality, you will be perfectly happy with a reasonable portion. Being healthy does not mean you shouldn’t eat all those delicious holiday foods, it just means you should maintain self-control while doing so.

Write a TV Workout

Exercising indoors during wintertime can be extremely dull, leaving people to skip their usual physical activities. However, there are many ways you can stay active, even while inside. A home gym is often the first thing people think of when faced with staying fit at home. While gym equipment in your home can certainly do the trick, it can also be very expensive.

Instead, try making up a TV workout for yourself. Pick your favorite movie or show and assign a variety of exercises to different occurrences. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Watch your favorite movies and pair commonly occurring triggers with specific actions. For instance, you might do 20 crunches every time someone mentions the name Sirius Black or do 15 jumping jacks every time Hermione gives Harry or Ron ‘the look.’

Or, maybe you’re a Bachelor fan, and you decide to do 10 burpees every time Chris Harrison says, “The most dramatic rose ceremony ever,” or when anyone says, “Here for the right reasons.” Whatever your viewing habits, these workouts are very easy to tailor to your needs and make exercising fun.

Get Outside Once in Awhile

Staying indoors for the entire winter season is the perfect way to get sick. Your home may be clean, but everyone who enters your home contributes to a constant stream of germs, bacteria, viruses, and any other number of things that can contribute to illness that they’ve picked up while out and about.

It’s important to go outside and breathe the fresh air whenever possible. This can also help battle Seasonal Affective Disorder. You certainly don’t need to go out and force yourself to freeze. Instead, stand on your porch, breathing deeply for just a few minutes. You may be surprised by how much better you will feel. Weather permitting, you can always go for a walk. In fact, people are always looking for dog walkers, and a furry friend is always a great mood-booster as well!

There are many facets to being healthy during the winter season. Holiday food, exercising, and stagnant air in your home can all contribute to a decline in health. Fortunately, there are very easy fixes to each and every one of these problems. Control your portions, avoid heavily processed “low-calorie” foods, go outside, and be sure to exercise. With these tips, you will enter spring healthier than ever and ready to get back outside.

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