December 10th, 2018
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5 Weight Loss Tips From Fit Mom Diet

Have you decided enough is enough with your unhealthy habits? Are you ready to embark on a new healthy lifestyle journey but not sure where to begin? When you have a plan and someone to hold you accountable it’s much easier to get on track, stay focused and succeed. Here are five weight loss tips to get you started.

1. Baby Steps

Set a short term goal that is doable. Perhaps commit to walking 20 minutes a day or switching  from 2 slices of bread at lunch to an open faced sandwich. Taking slow, baby steps is a realistic approach that will help you stick to your goals.

2. Tell a Friend

Let your friends and family what you have decided to accomplish. Tell them you would appreciate their support and encouragement. You can always find support at Fit Mom Diet’s social media channels. Let us know your goal and we will be your #1 Cheerleader.

3. Have the Right Healthy Shopping List

Bring the following list with you the next time you grocery shop. Know ahead of time what items will fill your cart and stick to the list. Simply right click the image below and select “Save image”.
healthy shopping list 

4. Have Go-To- Healthy Recipes

Experiment with a few different recipes until you find ones you enjoy.  Meal prepping for the entire week is a great way to ensure your success. One easy way to prepare chicken is in the crock pot. See our go-to recipe here. Note: you can also use a jar of salsa instead of chicken broth for Salsa Chicken

5. Water, Water, Water

Avoid sugary drinks and sodas. Fill up on glass of water prior to each meal.  Buckle down and commit to more water! You’ll notice positive results of this almost immediately. 

Fit Mom Diet

Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty, the Fit Mom Diet duo. is a community of moms dedicated to supporting each other to eat clean and live healthy and active lifestyles. The birth of Fit Mom Diet grew from Co-Founders Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty’s passion to help moms who have a desire to get fit, find balance, learn healthy cooking skills and live empowered lives. Kim and Shannon’s personal body transformation stories were the impetus for their interest in supporting other women. As moms, they understand the unique challenges women face in raising children and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fit Mom Diet offers a wealth of resources to its members from motivational coaching services, product recommendations, events and activities designed to promote support and accountability as well as highlighting inspirational moms making a difference. While Kim and Shannon have managed to build a diverse portfolio as models, writers and talents in the health and fitness industry, they are committed to showing their very real side, offering an authentic story and helping women truly see that anything is possible when you believe in and commit to your dreams. The Fit Mom Diet guiding philosophy is Love Your Body; they believe that health and beauty starts on the inside and grows from there.

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