December 11th, 2018
jump rope exercises

6 Reasons Jump Rope Exercises Burns More Fat

The jump rope has stood the test of time not only as a fun activity, but a tool of fitness. It has many benefits when it comes to improving your fitness level; below are just a few:

1. It Helps with Weight Management

The jump rope can serve as a fabulous high intensity, calorie burning activity. It’s easy to raise and lower the intensity level as you determine how fast you’d like to jump. The American Heart Association advocates jumping rope as an effective cardiovascular activity. Additionally, they site that it can potentially burn off as many calories as running, making it an excellent weight management exercise.

2. It’s a Full Body Workout

From your legs to your core to your arms, jump roping engages the entire body. It helps sculpt and tone muscles, builds strength, and improves cardiovascular ability, agility and coordination. Jump roping targets the entire body but is especially effective for calves. Strong calves lend themselves to better jumping abilities; thus improving your skills in many other areas.

3. It’s Cost Effective and Easily Portable

Jump ropes are inexpensive compared to other pieces of fitness equipment. They are available in most sports stores and online and are light and easily portable. People often complain they don’t know how to work out while traveling. The jump rope makes it easy. You can pack it and use it in a hotel room or outside wherever you go. They are easy to fit in a suitcase as well.

4. It’s Fun

Once you get the hang of jump roping you can challenge yourself to try new tricks such as skiing, arm crosses, double unders, knee lifts and jumping on one foot. Using more than one individual you can try double Dutch jump rope. Or, make up your own new jump rope move!

5. It’s Great for Interval Training

If you are spending time on the gym floor lifting weights, why not use the jump rope in between sets to increase your heart rate. According to a 2006 study in the Journal of Physiology, interval training can boost your aerobic ability and ability to burn fat. Because it doesn’t take a lot of space for your to jump rope it you able to incorporate it more easily into your lifting routine, even in a crowded gym.

6. It’s Easy to Learn

Some fitness activities and sports are hard to get the hang out. People continue to try and do them but don’t always feel like they are getting a great workout. No true with the jump rode. It’s easy to learn the basics and is almost guaranteed to get your blood pumping in a matter of minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a jump rope and start jumping! You’ll see results in no time!

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