December 11th, 2018
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Your 3 Step Guide To Fat Loss This Summer

This time of the year, everyone wants to be lean and cut up. All of a sudden crash dieting starts and hours of fasted cardio begin. The problem with this is, it doesn’t last. You burn out quick and lose all the progress that you worked for. Create a lifestyle where you can stay lean all year round while still enjoying life.

1. Nutrition Is Number 1

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Transitioning to a lower caloric diet is usually the first step for all people looking to lose Fat. This fact will always hold truth; fat loss = caloric expenditure > caloric input. Simply put, you need to be burning more calories then taking in. But with that being said there are many ways to do it and starving yourself shouldn’t be one of them.

Don’t begin to rule out certain macronutrients because you heard they were “bad” for you. Carbs, Proteins, and Fats all play a different role in your overall health. Maintaining a diet with a healthy mix of all macros while enjoying the foods you like to eat is the key to a consistent fat loss journey. Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a 3 month sprint.

2. Exercise Smartly – Set Attainable Goals And Mix Things Up

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Training should be effective, enjoyable, and feel good after completing. The first mistake most people make is setting the bar too high for their training regimen and quitting after only a few sessions. Create a program that begins with attainable goals and strive to progress each week.

Don’t be restricted to the gym either. Take your workouts outside too and enjoy the summer weather. From runs on the beach to hiking with friends, create a social environment during your exercise and it won’t feel so tough anymore.

3. Supplementation

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With the right diet and exercise regimen, proper sports nutrition products are the third component to an effective fat loss strategy. EVL Nutrition’s top 2 weight management products, LeanMode and Trans4orm, are the perfect stack for fat loss, appetite suppression and increased energy.

LeanMode is our top selling product that has 5 stimulate free ingredients built to shed fat and increase your metabolism. While Trans4orm is our thermogenic energizer containing a few key ingredients such as Caffeine, TeaCrine, & Black Pepper Extract.

Living a healthy and fit lifestyle has gotten a bad reputation over the years that you have to sacrifice your social life, foods you love eating, and other aspects of enjoying life, to achieve a your goal physique. But what has gained momentum over the past few years, more than ever, is living a ‘flexible’ lifestyle. Dieting and training hard 80% of the time with the help of proper supplementation is the key to long term success. Stay consistent with your progress and you can have your summer body all year round.

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