November 20th, 2018
barbell back squat

3 Cues For a Better Back Squat

A prompt or reminder said or done that serves as a signal to a weightlifter to improve performance.

These three cues can help solve the most common errors when performing a barbell back squat.

1. Keep Your Weight On Your Heels

Often times, when the weight starts to feel heavy towards the last few reps of a set, people naturally tend to lean forward. This transfers the weight onto the balls of your feet. Remember to sit back, let the weight sit on your heels and drive your heels straight into the ground. This will help keep your torso upright, your core and glutes engaged, and maintain balance.

2. Push Your Knees Out

Too often, you see someone struggling at the bottom of a squat and their knees start to buckle inward. By mindfully pushing your knees out, as you stand up from your squat, you keep your glutes engaged.

3. Retract Your Shoulder Blades

A proper barbell back squat requires thoracic mobility. This means that you need to have a mobile upper back in order to keep your spine erect while at the bottom of your squat under weight. A good cue to remember while squatting is to pull your shoulders back and try to touch your shoulder blades together.

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