November 20th, 2018
beginner bodyweight workout

30-Minute Beginner Bodyweight Workout

No matter where you are, you always have the ability to get a workout in. That’s right, the best piece of exercise equipment/machinery is you!

So no more excuses about crowded gyms, too much traffic to head to the gym, or whatever it is that’s stopping you from reaching your goals. These workouts can be performed anywhere: your home, the park, the office break room, you name it.

There are tons of great bodyweight exercises you can perform anywhere. To create new workouts, simply mix and match exercises. Just make sure to include both upper body and lower body exercises in each workout.

So let’s get started:

30-minute beginner bodyweight workout

Before we start, it’s always important to warm your body up. Just like a Indy 500 car needs to warm up it’s engines before the race, you need to warm up your body, joints and mind.

There are a few goals to keep in mind when it comes to warming up:

  • Increase your core temperature
  • Increase circulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Activate(wake up) key muscle groups
  • Prepare yourself mentally

So with that in mind, let’s warm up:

The warm-up

To start, we’re going to increase your core temperature and get the blood flowing. Perform 5 minutes of light cardio exercise. We recommend jogging, jump-rope, jumping jacks, etc.

Next, we’re going to do some active stretching. This means stretching while moving.

Classic stretching, where you hold the stretch, is called static stretching, which is best performed after a workout. For a warm-up, active stretching is best.

Perform the following active stretches and movements for 2 minutes each:

  • arm circles
  • reverse lunges
  • walking high knees

The workout

Let’s get started! Perform the following 3 supersets for 3 rounds each, with 20-30 seconds rest between each superset. This means, perform superset 1, rest 30 seconds, superset 2, rest 30 seconds, superset 3, rest 30 seconds, repeat.

Superset 1

1. Broad jumps – 10 reps
2. Mountain climbers – 30 seconds

Superset 2

1. Pushups – 10 reps
2. Supermans – 10 reps

Superset 3

1. Burpees – 15 reps
2. Glute bridge – 15 reps

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