November 20th, 2018
bodyweight leg workout

The Bodyweight Leg Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Who said you have to hit the gym to shape your legs? Try out these 4 bodyweight leg
exercises you can do ANYWHERE!

1. Squats- 4×20
Great for your glutes, hamstrings, and quads! When doing them swith no weight, just up the reps to feel a burn!

2. Lunges- 4×15(each leg)
Lunges are awesome for your glutes-but also work your hamstrings and quads! Make sure your knee doesn’t bend over your front foot when doing them to avoid injury.

3. Donkey Kicks- 4×20(each leg)
Perfect exercise to target your booty! You can put a light weight in between your knee if you want to add some difficulty.

4. Squats Jumps- 4×15
Great body weight exercise to get your heart rate up and work your legs. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and legs at the top of each jump!

Faith Leatherman

Faith is a 20-year-old, college student, from Chicago. She is currently in the process of obtaining her certifications in personal training and nutrition. She is finishing her degree in creative writing and is incredibly passionate about health and fitness. She hopes to inspire and help others through fitness and push people to be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves! Follow Faith on Instagram (@faithlfit)

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